Mendix 5-week Boot camp/ Traineeship

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Mendix Bootcamp


Start: Tuesday March 1st 2022  

Monday - Friday | 09.00 - 16.00hrs (CEST)

Full-time( 5-weeks) - Remote/Online

Join our Mendix Bootcamp

Are you CLEVR enough to join our low-code, no code Mendix Boot Camp?

Have you always wanted to build an app, dabbling in coding, but don’t want to miss out on being at the forefront with clients and prospects? Join our online bootcamp and complete it to become part of our CLEVR team so you can do both!

We know not many companies out there allow you to be a hybrid between a developer and a consultant, but at CLEVR we do. So, if you are looking to spice up your career, this is your chance to become one of our top-notch Junior Consultants slash App Builders (yes, we literally wrote down slash for emphasis!).

Join our 5-week action-packed Mendix Bootcamp, where you will come out with the skills you need to work with innovative clients on building creative solutions and applications.  

What you get out of it

  • Hybrid Methodology Program. Yes. Everything is hybrid now. So is our methodology. You will learn by joining engaging sessions and workshops with the best of the best in-house trainers (yes, they bribed us to say that), but you will also have to be very hands-on. You will complete both individual projects and work in teams creating cases and making presentations.
  • Build a hybrid (yes, there’s that word again) and successful career in IT. You don’t have to be a web developer to join our Mendix bootcamp, but by the end of it, will you be a web developer? No. Will you be a Consultant? Also No. The answer is easy. You will have the skills to be both! 

Just to give you an idea, some of our certified bootcampers went on to become Mendix Application Support Engineers, Junior Mendix Business Consultants in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany, and Junior Mendix Product Developers. 

"For me, the bootcamp has been the best starting point you can have when first embarking on your Mendix career. The learning curve is pleasantly steep, as you work with like-minded people in a project setup."

Jeroen Appel, Mendix Consultant at CLEVR & Mendix Meetup Leader

After completing our bootcamp and joining CLEVR, the sky is the limit, well figuratively speaking. Because, besides carving an exciting career path for yourself, you can choose from our different offices to work from: the Netherlands, Germany or Norway. We can definitely make a relocation happen if you want to explore other CLEVR lands! 

The course includes

  • Advanced lectures
  • Workshops and exercises designed to develop both hard and soft skills
  • Building cases under trainer guidance
  • Demos (including of the app you build yourself!)
  • Presentations
  • And we wrap it up with the certification and a round of cold drinks!
"Even though the bootcamp was fully online, it was a well designed and fun experience for me. Bjarn (the coach) is a great coach with humour and a lot of experience!"

Daryl Zandvliet, Mendix Consultant at CLEVR

Do you have what it takes to be CLEVR?

You will need a bit of background to be able to follow our Mendix bootcamp. Here are some of the competencies you will need:

  • Preferably, you have a finished degree with a Business and or IT affinity, such as (Business) Information Systems, Business IT & Management, Programming, Logic, etc.* 

  • Curiosity and the zest for learning new things.

  • Maybe some experience with programming or interest in coding languages like Java, Javascript, or HTML/CSS.

  • Empathy to understand customer challenges, needs, and requirements.

  • Critical and analytical thinking to solve problems with excellent efficiency.

  • Be able to communicate effectively.

  • Don’t forget to carry a sense of humour to interact with people across the organization and customers. Also, channel your humour to give you a sense of clarity when needed.

* Although we have a preference for applicants with a finished degree in Business or IT, some of our past CLEVR bootcampers have had a background in Artificial Intelligence, Human Technology, Technical Management, Cognitive Neuroscience, Medical Biology etc. The possibilities are endless, as long as you are ready to step up to the challenge!

For applicants interested in our bootcamp, please note that:

  • For applications in the Netherlands, Dutch language is a must
  • For applications in Germany, German language is a must
  • For applications in Norway, English is a must and Norwegian is a plus.

The Application Process

Like our apps, we like to keep the process simple and easy to navigate. All you have to do is, perform the following steps to apply for this position:

  1. Show us your interest. Send us your resume and cover letter.
  2. We will contact you to schedule an introductory interview to get to know each other better.
  3. Before being accepted into the bootcamp, we will challenge you a bit to see if you are up for it. We will ask you to work on Mendix to create an app (you can be as creative as you want) and show us what you got. Some of the apps our previous bootcampers came up with are: an app to do chores around the house, a salsa dance app, an app to arrange meeting with friends. It's all up to you to get your creative juices flowing! Of course, you will receive more instructions during the interview round.
  4. Sit back and relax as we assess your application and performance.
  5. If you pass our evaluation, boom! You are in the bootcamp! We will notify you as soon as the review process is done. 

We are constantly holding bootcamps to welcome new CLEVR brains to our team. Are you interested in joining our bootcamp but unable to make it to the next one? Don’t be shy, still send us your details and we will make sure to let you know when our next bootcamp takes place so you are first in line when we are ready to kick it off. 

"Some of our best bootcamp trainees started from scratch and are now some of our best Mendix Consultants. It's a great feeling to help them start their Mendix career at CLEVR."
Bjarn Onderstal, Mendix Trainer at CLEVR

While you submit your application, listen to a #clevrsong composed and produced by one of our awesome Norwegian colleagues, Jan Rodahl!