Junior Mendix Business Consultant & App Developer - Norway

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Junior Mendix Business Consultant (Norway)


...you can solve problems and craft solutions that impact people

...that you can build apps without having programming knowledge

...that there's a way to develop apps without too much coding

Do you dream about building apps without programming language being a barrier? Do you want to use the programming skills you learned during your studies, but still keep learning new ones? Can you imagine working at a company where you can make an impact with your work because you are building sustainable solutions? 

About this role:

So what does your job entail? As a Business Consultant and App Builder, you will:

  • Interact with customers on a one-on-one basis to understand their challenges and requirements.
  • Analyze the problem based on their specifications, find out the its root cause, and craft a solution. 
  • This solution would be in the form of building apps (without programming) using the Mendix low and no-code platform to fulfil customer requirements and mitigate the challenges. But don't worry. You will never walk alone: you will be working in agile teams in the SCRUM process model

How will you kickstart your journey?

  • First, you begin with an exciting hands-on, action-packed five-week Bootcamp to get certified by the Mendix Academy;
  • You’ll get a peek at how things work in the organization: you will join engaging sessions to learn more about what we do and get to know the people at CLEVR;
  • Besides all this, there will be regular game nights and meetings where you can interact with awesome colleagues, get to know each other, and form connections that foster personal and professional growth;
  • During the Bootcamp, you’ll receive a Mendix Rapid Application Development certification;
  • Once you rock your Bootcamp, we’ll sit down to visualize your first year at CLEVR:
        • Based on your strengths, we’ll make sure to choose what type of projects would suit you best to build and gain practical experience
        • From then on, we will set the first-year goals for you together.
"At CLEVR, I've been involved in several projects, all with their beauty and different challenges. One of the things I like most about my work is experiencing the collaborative passion at all the different companies and re-use the knowledge you gain over the years across different verticals. For one of my previous projects, I designed a larger cloud environment to support an AI use case. This got me excited about the endless possibilities of these technologies next to Mendix. Working at CLEVR gives me the opportunity to learn more about this."- Jeroen Appel, Mendix Consultant

Your day to day responsibilities:

Here’s how a day in your life as a consultant and app developer would look like. You will

  • Analyze, design, model, and shape customer requirements with the team;
  • Create and implement Mendix business apps that make a difference;
  • Work with numerous scrum teams to collaborate, innovate and create solutions across different projects, which may vary between eight weeks to ten months depending upon the complexity of the projects;
  • Most importantly, relax and re-energize by challenging your friends at work at a game of table football, PS4, or just by walking around for some fresh air;

Besides these, the job also offers great responsibility and flexibility. These can help you grow as a professional across the various nuances of your role.

Your competencies:

  • A degree in Information Systems, Engineering, or a demonstrable IT affinity is required or comparable degree (e.g. higher vocational education);
  • Curiosity and the zest for learning new things;
  • Simple and effective communication skills in the English language;
  • Critical and analytical thinking to solve problems with excellent efficiency;
  • Empathy to understand customer challenges, needs, and requirements;
  • Maybe some experience with programming or interest in coding languages like Java, JavaScript, or HTML/CSS/Databases;
  • Don’t forget to carry a sense of humor to interact with people across the organization and customers. Also, channel your humor to give you a sense of clarity when needed.


Like our apps, we like to keep the process simple and easy to navigate. All you have to do is follow the steps below to start your journey into the CLEVR world.

  1. Send us your resume and cover letter.
  2. Attend the introductory interview round.
  3. Work with Mendix to create something of value as part of your assignment and challenge.
  4. Sit back and relax as we assess your application and performance. 

You’re more than welcome to contact us with questions. You can call Elise Wesseling, Talent Acquisition Specialist, on +31 6 12 46 23 04.

So if you are a creator, an innovator, or a history maker, join us. We’re just like you.

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While you submit your application, listen to a #clevrsong composed and produced by one of our awesome Norwegian colleagues, Jan Rodahl